About LifelongNewYorker

Lifelongnewyorker (NYer) was born in Red Hook, Brooklyn, back in the last century.  Except that Red Hook then was about 50 years behind the rest of America.  While everyone else discovered suburban life, we still bought fruit and vegetables from a horse-drawn peddler who stopped right in front of the house.  But that’s a different chapter. 

Brought to Staten Island as a child, NYer has lived there ever since.  Two brief attempts to go away to college ended abruptly when she realized that venturing more than 25 miles beyond Washington Square produced anaphylactic shock.  Going to college and grad school in the city saved her life.   

Married when barely an adult, she has lived with her husband, Mr. NYer, on Staten Island ever since.  That will end in January, 2010.


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