What a Difference Three Years Makes and Pictures #16 to 19

The last two days have been spent in a training room, learning all about the marvels of the new marketing automation platform we’ve bought, when I got a message from my assistant that she had invoices and contracts for me to sign.

“Bring them to me,” I wrote back, “along with a blue or black pen.”

Signing the papers I noticed the date, January 16, and realized that I have been in Alabama for three years.  Later, I doubted this was possible and used my fingers to check my mental calculations.  Three years.  Confirmed.

In just under 1,100 days, a lot has happened.  Two thousand-mile road trips, a house sold, three babies born in our extended family, two moves for the Abandoned One, retirement and a significant birthday for Mr.NYer , a new house purchased, a new job settled into, new doctors lined up.  And Lifelongnewyorker has flown enough to earn Gold Medallion status on Delta for two years now. I guess things have worked out.

Three years ago, I wasn’t so sure.  Mr.NYer and I drove down in my Honda and arrived on the 16th. We hauled my stuff into the furnished apartment I would stay in for three months.  And Mr.NYer was returning to Staten Island on the 18th.  Panic set in as the enormity of what I’d set in motion became clear.  This is what I wrote that day:

We arrived in Montgomery yesterday shortly after noon, in moderately heavy rain.  

As we were checking into the apartment, Soon-to-be-Abandoned (or maybe he’s offically abandoned now) called to say the dishwasher was not working.  About this time, the leasing agent was filling me in on the pest control schedule.  My heart began to sink.

I don’t have an Internet connection in the apartment yet; I’m posting from Starbucks.  So this will be a short post. 

At some point in an early post I observed that I wasn’t feeling particularly worried or emotional about the move, but suspected at some point I’d feel like I was hit by an anvil.  The anvil has struck.  As I contemplated the lovely but impersonal apartment and realized that Mr.NYer would be leaving me there by myself soon, I panicked.  All I could think was that I wanted to go home, and the next thought of course, is that I’m selling my home. 

I miss my son, my cats, my house and my familiar life right now. 

Some deep breathing and lots of talking have helped.  I was also reassured by the presence of artichokes at the Winn-Dixie.  But I feel a bit untethered and hope that getting to work on Tuesday will help. 

And I miss my friends.

And here are some pictures from that weekend:

The drive through Virginia still felt like vacation.

The drive through Virginia still felt like vacation.

As we drove further south, the weather turned grey.

As we drove further south, the weather turned grey.

Feeling real now.

Feeling real now.

All the charm of a highway motel.

All the charm of a highway motel.



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