A Winter Walk in my Alabama Neighborhood

A week or so ago, the  sun came out and the temperature rose into the low 70s.  It was a perfect day to take a walk through the neighborhood.  Here are some pictures.  The captions explain it all.

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4 Responses

  1. It’s mistletoe, a parasitic and poisonous plant that insinuates itself into the core of the tree and takes over. From my reading, it should not be tolerated in the US and every effort should be made to kill it while it is very young…you cannot kill it later. There are many images of it on Google. Stick to the osage oranges…..♥

  2. thank you!!..i just love taking a trip down South…much needed as I sit next to my space heater in this chilly West Brighton basement where I keep my conputer

  3. If you haven’t yet…go to that little movie theatre and see Nowhere Boy…it’s a fabulous movie!

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