“Have a good day” southern style

Lifelongnewyorker found herself third in line for the cashier at the local CVS store this morning, a Saturday. Waiting in line at any store is rare in Montgomery; this wait took even longer than usual because the first customer, an elderly white man, was having a hard time finding his discount card.

The woman at the counter was courteous, friendly and helpful.  Unlike the CVS in Staten Island, few of the service people here are teenagers who perhaps missed the customer service orientation when they started the job.  As she drew the lengthy receipt from the cash register, the clerk pointed out to the gentleman that he had a $4 coupon for vitamins, and that he’d need to use it by Nov. 21. 

He  thanked her and gathered his bag.  As he left, she said, “Enjoy your football!”

“Roll Tide!” he responded, and left.

The next customer, an African-American woman who looked to be in her mid-60s, had only a few items.  They chatted a bit about the weather, and as the transaction wound up the clerk said, “Enjoy your football!’

The woman smiled and said, “Oh, I’m basketball.”

“Well, enjoy your basketball, then!”

It was my turn next.  As I piled creams and cosmetics on the counter I felt obliged to explain that it was like fall cleaning: I needed to start paying attention to my skin.  She commiserated and we chatted as she looked up my CVS membership number. Finally, the moment came when she handed me my receipt.  Thank yous were exchanged.  I picked up my bag. A small void, but a definite void. 

“You’ve decided I’m not going to go home and watch football, haven’t you?” I asked.

“That’s right,” she said.  “I was just trying to decide what to say instead … Maybe enjoy your facial.”

“I will,” I said.

But I wonder how she knew?