Autumn? In Alabama?

Lifelongnewyorker is confused.  It’s  September 20, school has resumed, people are wearing fall colors.

But it’s 97 degrees at noon.  What season is it, anyway?

According to the weather–and to the calendar–it’s still summer.  But Labor Day is past, and with it went the sense of summer. 

For one thing, it’s getting darker earlier, and we’ve sometimes been emboldened to cut the air conditioning in the evenings and open windows as the nighttime temps dip into the low 70s, or even the high 60s.

Leaves are drying up and dropping off trees, with no sign that there will be a change of color (other than the fade-out to yellow/brown).  We went kayaking on the Coosa yesterday, with temperatures near 100, but saw plenty of brown leaves floating along as well. 

Kids have gone back to school, but that happened ages ago.   I wonder if the school buses are air-conditioned?  They must be.

Meanwhile, though, certain changes have been noted in the office.  Fewer women are wearing sandals, and some have checked the calendar and donned pumps.  Fall colors are proliferating, along with fewer shorts and sundresses. 

Lifelongnewyorker really wants to wear those white jeans she purchased on sale during the last week of August, but fears breaking the “no-white-after-Labor Day” rule.  And anyway, it really doesn’t feel right.

Actually, nothing about this season feels right.  In September we should still be enjoying the annuals in the garden, the vine-ripe tomatoes, but ours are long since fried and exhausted.  The days should be glorious, dry and in the 70s, and the nights crisp, but it’s still too hot for me to walk three blocks at lunchtime and register to vote.  It should feel like the first month of school did when I was a student and then a teacher, but it does not.  And I should be thinking about clearing out my summer clothes from the closet, but why?

Instead, our garden long since dessicated, it’s yet too hot to plant either pansies or mums.  I’m wondering if one day I’ll wake up and all the leaves will have dropped.  And when should I start plan to wear suede and corduroy?


4 Responses

  1. The no-white-after-labor-day rule no longer applies. So If you have a new pair of jeans you want to wear, I say go for it, as well as keeping your sandals in the mix of your work wardrobe. Mix the white jeans with fall colors, and blue denim (neutral)- that would be fun too.

    I feel your pain in wanting to break out your suede. It has a pretty short life span here in Va, so I cant imagine how short it would be in Alabama. I usually cant think about Suede here until mid Oct. and then by the end of Nov. its too wet and rainy to be wearing it. Maybe you wont have a rainy fall there?

    Scott’s parents live in Florida and they say it starts to get cold around Thanksgiving time. So, atleast maybe by then you can be donning your autumnwear.

  2. Come back….it’s perfect fall weather right here! 🙂

  3. OMG … Don’t wear white after Labor Day!!!

  4. Can you say climate change?

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