Encounter with the Law

Lifelongnewyorker has had a variety of encounters with police officers in New York City.  There have been the teenaged close encounters, the rueful parking violation encounters, the comic encounters.

But there’s never been the security encounter that we had in Montgomery.

At least all evidence points to having had it.  It was not a face-to-face encounter. On Wednesday after Labor Day, I spotted a piece of yellow paper–a ticket?–tucked under my windshield wiper as I pulled out of my garage on the way to work.

Pulling it out from bondage I saw that it was, indeed, the yellow copy of one of those pressure-sensitive forms.  It was dated from Monday, Labor Day, and was most likely written while the car was parked in the Publix parking lot, where Mr. NYer had gone to pick up a few staples.

They write tickets in supermarket parking lots?  What the heck … and then I took a closer look.

Turns out it was less a ticket and more a report card.  We got an A+.  Apparently, the Montgomery Police do random car security checks.  They look for three major chinks that can, they warn, lead to crimes of opportunity.  The chinks are:

  • Leaving doors unlocked
  • Leaving windows open more than four inches
  • Leaving keys in the ignition

Each of these had a little check box next to it.  None of ours were checked.  Instead, we were congratulated for having passed the inspection and commended for making Montgomery a safer place.

I feel all warm and fuzzy.


2 Responses

  1. … reminds me of grammar school administration or classroom teachers who, in an attempt to promote positive behavior “catch’ students doing something good and call attention to it. I always imagined that any child over seven would find this lame and be less than appreciative for public underscoring of such behavior.

    I still think you and George are cool…even if you’re apparently a good girl and boy.

  2. You have undoubtedly moved to a different planet- possibly a kinder, gentler one, or just psychotic in a different way 🙂

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