Embrace the Kudzu (via Mr. Write’s Page)

As Mr. NYer and I have been tooling around Alabama’s county highways these hot summer weekends, we’ve been noticing the kudzu. I love the way it resembles topiary. That spreads across acres and acres.

You don’t see it much from the Interstates–they’re too well-maintained. But hit those back roads and there it is, a lush green carpet that shows just how impermanent most of what we build can be.

So I was thrilled to find this post–and this southern writer.

Embrace the Kudzu In my part of the country, certain things define the culture. The heat, the humidity, the food. The music, the literature, the dialects. The kudzu. Kudzu is a climbing vine native to Japan. The word is a corruption of “kuzu,“ the Japanese name for the plant. The Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Library says this about kudzu: ————— Scientific name: Pueraria montana; a subdivision of Phaseoleae, the group that includes pe … Read More

via Mr. Write's Page


2 Responses

  1. I like the suggestion of concrete blocks as “mulch.”

    We have a trumpet vine on our back fence that we thought was so charming when we moved in. We didn’t realize it would require constant maintenance to keep it from taking over the neighborhood.

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