Things I Like about Alabama

Lifelongnewyorker has lived in Alabama for nearly six months now, and finds there are many things to like.  In no particular order, here are a few:

1. Clean air.

2. Flowering trees, especially crape myrtles.

3. The city-supplied trash containers.

4. The price of gas (currently $2.57 per gallon).

5. The cleanliness of the supermarkets.

6. The abundant food choices in the supermarkets.

7. The short lines at the supermarkets.

8. The courtesy of supermarket employees.

9. The lack of potholes.

10. Being able  to pick ripe tomatoes from the garden by the end of June.

11. The foodies who live here.

12. The farmers’ markets.

13. The 10-minute commute to work.

14. Fried okra.

15. Great corn and watermelon.

16. Being able to buy wine in supermarkets.

17. Not needing to buy the local paper, because I don’t know any of the people in the obituaries anyway.

18. Live oaks, tulip trees, and towering southern pines.


6 Responses

  1. Hi Dears-
    Had to react because your list of Alabama likes are the very same things I like about Sarasota! Yet here I stay for much of the year—–dealing with increasing rudeness, corroding infrastructure and no wine in the super market!!!!!!!! Thank goodness Manhattan is still there!
    Sounds like things are going well for you and I am glad. Although I don’t get to read your every blog, when I do, I delight in your style and delivery!!!!! You could be our next great southern writer!!!!!! Is there a novel inside you??
    Happy thoughts and good wishes!
    Jan Scaffa

  2. You could have moved to New Jersey and gotten most of that….maybe not the okra or the wine in the supermarket!
    I’m just kidding….I’m so glad you have a long list of things you like about living in Alabama….that’s a wonderful thing! Hope to visit soon…and will send tour itinerary when I get a chance.
    We will be vacationing in LBI for the next week!
    Miss you! Say hi to George….and we miss him too!

  3. And you were worried about the food!

  4. On points 5 through 8 you sound just like my father after we moved to PA!

  5. Sounds like you spend all your time in the supermarket. Hahaha. At least it’s air conditioned. That 10-minute commute is hard to beat. And life sounds sweet.

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