Pictures are Hung (and shown)

Once most of the boxes were unpacked, or at least tucked away, we noticed that the house had a kind of empty, echoey feel.  In fact, phone calls to the house sounded like Mr. NYer was standing in a cave.

The oak floors, high ceilings and bare walls were bouncing sound around like  crazy.  Clearly we had to begin hanging some art if for no other reason than to create aural baffles. 

To give ourselves and incentive, and to christen the house in a manner of speaking, we scheduled a housewarming and invited about 30 people, mainly my co-workers.  Now we HAD to hang the art, which we did the night before the party.  Not all of it, but at least in the living room. 

We’d sent one piece, a pastel we acquired from an artist friend (you know who you are, Bill) over 30 years ago, out to be lined (with archival and non-acid liner) and reframed, and didn’t want to hang anything else until that was ready.  And then, fortuitously, it was ready on Friday. 

The party itself showed that while some things are the same everywhere, some behaviors differ sharply from New York to Montgomery.  The same:  everyone loves smoked salmon.  The differences:  We said the party would start at 7:30.  By that time our first guest had already arrived; by 7:40 there were at least 10 people in the house.  Do I actually have to say how this differs from New York?

Here’s a slide show of the be-arted living room.  Bill — that thing that looks like a shadow of the Eiffel tower is just the reflection of the chandelier. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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  1. art on the walls makes SUCH a difference! Looking good!

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