Mr. NYer Goes for a Swim

We live in a community built upon the grounds of Montgomery’s former Jewish Country Club.

Some of my colleagues belonged to the club, and miss it dearly.  The tale they tell is of a director who a small time embezzler and a big time philanderer whose tastes ran to the members’ wives.  He was succeeded by a director who was simply a big time embezzler.

Ours is an uncrowded community, formed just as the bubble was about to burst.  Lots were sold and a handful of large and tasteful houses built.  Many lots sit empty, and some are for sale.  One end of the enclave was reserved for 24 townhouses.  Six have been built, and two have been sold.  We consider ourselves fortunate to look our upon the wide open fields.

There is a Homeowner’s Association and some perks, including four ponds (three with fish), two tennis courts (no lights), a small workout room, and a pool. 

We’ve both been to the tennis courts.  Mr. NYer’s rule is that he will humor me there, but only if there are no witnesses.  The other facilities have mainly been enjoyed by Mr. NYer, since he’s the one with the ample spare time (did I mention that he’s retired?).

He rides his bike over to the workout room to lift weights, and then circles the ponds.  He reports sighting some substantial bass, but is not tempted to catch them. 

Today he tells me he went for a swim.  When he got there, he encountered a woman lounging poolside who warned him that there was a snake in the chlorine dispenser.  A maintenance person had been told, and the woman felt sure the snake was dead.  She added that when she arrived she had grabbed the net and scooped a few frogs out of the pool before taking her own dip.

Mr. NYer felt relatively safe from reptiles and amphibians, and swam several laps.  He encountered only one frog, which he helped out of the pool.


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  1. I think George needs to take on some more responsibilities…such as reporting in on his own adventures and observation..maybe adding some photos…or making a little video to post. George?…what do you say? or maybe he could just make some guest appearances.

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