Views from Alabama

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Some of you have complained that words are insufficient.  So here are some pictures.  The first bunch were taken on a bike ride through our neighborhood.  They show the azaleas, dogwood, and wisteria in bloom.  Next are some shots we took last weekend at the Old 280 Festival in Waverly, the town that was bypassed when they re-routed the highway.  And finally, you can see the views from the various windows in our house.


3 Responses

  1. It looks so pretty…. nice place to relocate to. It must feel good to get away from the rat race.

  2. I see one of the kitties enjoying the view.
    The aged brick is such a great feature of southern architecture and I see it in your modern home too. Such a pretty area, it looks so peaceful and floral—and a good long growing season for the gardener. Thanks for sharing!,

  3. Picitures help us to visualize where you actually are…..before it was kind of like you vaporized. We’re looking forward to planning a trip down to visit. Miss you guys very much……and next time you’re going to be anywhere within a reasonable driving distance let me know and I’ll meet you!

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