A Glimpse of Southern Style

They have already begun to appear on the streets of the capital, long before they will appear in the U.S. Senate chamber.

I refer, of course, to seersucker suits.  They are worn here by men who look every part the southern lawyer about to withdrawn his large white handkerchief from his pocket and draw it across his brow.  I have seen them in the traditional blue and white as well as in a rather fashion-forward brown and white.

That Senate reference, by the way?  Back in 1996, Sen. Trent Lott re-introduced the practice of wearing the seer-sucker suit to signal the beginning of summer and show that the Senate had a sense of humor, I guess.  The “seersucker Thursday” tradition has really taken hold, as the photo shows.  Clearly, however, bipartisan consensus has not been reached on crucial questions like appropriate kind of tie, tie color or show color.  I think the classic bow tie is essential, and dark shoes the way to go.

For those of you who haven’t had enough, the word seersucker reportedly comes from the ancient Persian and means “milk and sugar.”

I’ve found a new way to drive home that avoids the major streets and takes me through an elegant neighborhood, Edgewood, that’s right across the road from us.  Edgewood homes–many quite large– sit elegantly back from the street on spacious green lawns. Mature magnolia and live oak trees dot the landscape, and you’ll find plenty of three car garages, gazebos, and automatic sprinklers.  Riding our bikes there, we’ve noticed that most houses also have one or two elegant dogs, many of whom sit picturesquely on the green lawns.

Today I made a right turn onto on of these streets only to encounter a man walking his dog in the road.  Judging from his attire — dark grey suit pants and white dress shirt — the dog-walker had just arrived home from work.  He controlled the dog with a leash held firmly in his left hand.  In his right, he held a wine glass half-full of what looked like a lovely Merlot. 

 Ah, Southern style.


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