Watching TV in Montgomery

First, there’s the Central Time thing.  On one hand, it means staying up for the Daily Show without losing sleep.  On the other hand, who wants to sit down and watch TV at 8 pm?

Next, there’s HBO-deprivation.  The apartment came with basic cable, so I have no idea how Big Love ended (don’t spoil it!).  Instead  I have one TV in the living room with a full array of local programming, and another TV in the bedroom that seems to have an entirely different line-up.

And what a line-up.  Religious programming at any time of the day or night on at least three different channels.  I’m not objecting — it’s certainly better than most reality TV — I’m just not used to hitting the Praise Hour or Worship Tonight right between CBS and NBC.  And then there’s the “educational programming” that features old Hollywood westerns from the 1930s that you’ve never heard of — who ever realized how much dreck they cranked out? 

But best of all are the nightly reruns of Andy Griffith.  Aunt Bea, Barney Fife, their girlfriends, Floyd the barber, and all the others. Mr. NYer is disturbed by the Andy Griffith show–he wonders what happened to Opie’s mom.  I have explained, that, like  so many 1950s and 1960s TV families (Bachelor Father for one), she died.  He can’t believe that, pointing out that Andy Griffith never mentions her and never visits her grave.  He wonders whether she was a drug addict, banished from Mayberry.

Then there are the sophisticated local commercials.  Like Bud’s Best Cookies:  “We’re not a bakery.  We’re a cookie factory.”  And, ,bewilderingly, a series of PSA’s featuring Smokey telling us that only we can prevent “wild fires.”  Smokey looks awkward, and we wonder what happened to forest fires. 

Of course, most of what’s on is the same as what’s on in NY.  There’s the familiar HGTV, food network, and news shows.  Local news is local news everywhere, but at least the news celebrities here have less forced–and inappropriate–cheerfulness. 

But within a week we should have HBO, high-speed Internet that’s not dependent on tethering my Blackberry to my laptop, and perhaps even a home phone.   After another round of unnecessary drama, we closed on the house yesterday.  Next week, we’re home.


4 Responses

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I’m sooooo happy for you! And I’m surprised at the same time. Somehow thought it would get dragged out for-ev-er.

  2. So glad the closing is over…..congratulations! Look forward to your blog…am enjoying your new life vicariously!
    Miss you guys!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can’t wait to see it.

  4. Congratulations! After all that drama, it seems a little bit anticlimactic. I thought you might end up squatting there…

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