The Long Weekend

Last week I wondered just how I would fill up the three days of this holiday weekend.  When Friday turned into a snow day, I wasn’t exactly dancing for joy.  Four days to fill.  Great.

Normally, of course, I’m like any red-blooded American.  I revere the Presidents whom we celebrate on this weekend, even if they’re no longer important enough to have their own separate days.  I know, too, that it’s a long haul to the next holiday.  But crimey, I just don’t need this many days off when I: a) have so few of my belongings about me; b) am trying to avoid shopping until I’m settled; c) can clean the apartment in less than an hour; d) don’t want to get too far ahead of Mr. NYer in terms of exploring the area; and e) miss my cats, my husband and my friends.

Frankly, the extended business trip feeling is getting old. 

I worked on Friday.  Cleaned the house, too.  Saturday I worked all day on a writing project that needed finishing.  In the evening I went, alone, to a restaurant for dinner.  My new friend, Ms. Atlantic City, works there on weekends, and suggested I come and eat at the bar.  This was an excellent idea. 

It was my second visit to Michael’s Table, so I’d already met the chef and owner; Ms. Atlantic City introduced me to the bartender as well.  I chatted with the couple sitting next to me; she swooned over New York City and asked if I had a dentist yet.  Then she recommended one.  Next, a colleague and her husband, with whom I’d had dinner on Thursday night at Jubilee Seafood, stopped by the bar on their way out, having had an early dinner.  When I set to work on my duck breast (fabulous, by the way), a newcomer sat down.  This was Frank, a friend of friends, who had already heard about me.  And that, folks, is Montgomery.  I expect to know everyone very soon. 

Today I figured out why you shouldn’t put onions in the disposal — it’s okay, it was an orange peel that made me realize this.  For awhile I curled up with a book — the Story of Edgar Sawtelle — that is well-written, but the jury’s still out on whether I’d recommend it.  A long afternoon nap threatened.  Normally I would give in, but the thought of the consequent sleepless night made me fight it off.  Instead, I drove to the Eastbrook Antique Mall and Flea Market for my first, and most likely my last,  visit. 

My stop at Publix reminded me all too well that it’s Valentine’s Day.  I particularly liked the presentation, in the meat department, of a matched pair of steaks in a heart-shaped plastic tray.  Passing the flowers, I flirted with the idea of buying a bunch and calling Mr. NYer with instructions to go out and do the same.  Decided to ignore the holiday instead. 

But my thoughts were with Mr. NYer all day.  The Abandoned One rented a U-Haul yesterday and planned to move today into the new digs in Brooklyn.  He’s excited, of course.  Mr. NYer helped and will most likely sack out pretty quickly this evening, but I imagine the house will feel rather empty this week. 

Tomorrow I plan to start exercising to counterbalance the poor eating I’m doing.  In the afternoon, I’m going with Ms. Atlantic City to the movies and then out for a bite.  And then, at last, having survived four long days, I return to work on Tuesday. Yes!

Except that there’s more snow in the forecast …


4 Responses

  1. I’ve started reading “the Story of Edgar Sawtelle” about 6 times and each time I decide to read something else for a while…..hmmmm.
    Glad that you got through the long weekend….sounds as though you are adjusting well and making lots of friends. Dinner sounds delicious too!

    Mickey and I are traveling down to Williamsburg, VA for a week on March 5th. We have a very nice 2 bedroom condo….you should join us!

  2. I’m finally about 40% through, and still wondering if anything is going to actually happen plotwise.
    I would love to join you — I know a bunch of people at Williamsburg — but I’m scheduled to be in San Antonio for a conference. If we’re not closing on Ridgewood then. And also, Williamsburg is about 800 miles from me — a bit of a drive! You’re going to have to come to Montgomery.

  3. I read Edgar Sawtelle some time ago. My friend Cheryl, who owns Capitol Book & News, said she started it but didn’t finish out of apprehension of how it all might end. She was probably right. I read it all, and thought about it quite a bit, but don’t know if I’d recommend it. Not for the faint at heart. No matter, it’s a good read, though not exactly uplifting, and apparently garnered a good bit of readership.

    I almost ordered the duck at Michael’s the other night. Will give it a try next time, based on your recommendation. Kendal got the coq a vin and it was FABULOUS. I ate the leftovers at home the next day.

    I’m at the end of “Lit.” Do you want to borrow it before our book club gathering?

    • Uh oh — now I’m terrified to finish it. It sure has been getting darker and darker. And I should have paid closer attention to the Stephen King blurb on the back …

      Yes, please I’d like to borrow Lit? When is the book club gathering again? Do I have the date?

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