One adjusts quickly to new conditions.

Case in point 1:  On the first day I wore a skirt, despite being told that I could dress much more casually.  That night, Lifelongnewyorker wrote that she would continue wearing skirts and dresses until they wore out.  I wore jeans the next day.

I have not worn a skirt or dress since.  Soon I will go in clad in sweats, or perhaps pajamas.

Case in point 2: This morning I turned onto the bypass en route to I85 only to get stuck in traffic.  I had to wait for one light to change twice before getting through it.  I couldn’t believe it.  “Where the heck did all this traffic come from?” I thought.   My 15 minute commute, already long by Montgomery standards, stretched to 25 minutes.  I was irate.

Case in point 3: I am no longer irritated at being called ma’am.  In fact, I have begun calling other people  ma’am.

Case in point 4: When I stepped outside this morning, wearing a light weight spring jacket, I thought it was rather cold.  It was 36 degrees.  Don’t worry; by the time I drove into the office garage, it was 43, on its way up to the high 50s. 

Case in point 5: I don’t think twice about making right turns on red.

Good golly, am I acculturating already?


7 Responses

  1. Just don’t call me Ma’am, Miss Molly.

  2. I have great envy…without wishing it were me. Your reportage is the second best thing to the excitement of a major change in my own life. so…pictures, please…or have you posted some on Facebook already without telling us?

  3. When I briefly returned to NY after moving to Albuquerque, I think it was the commute, not the winter weather, that sent me back to NM for good. Spending a whole fifteen minutes getting to work in the morning is a hard habit to break.

    One adaptation I recommend is to stay home when there is more than a half inch of snow on the ground. Just watch the antics from your window.

    • Chris, I was going through a trove of letters a couple of months ago, many from your first couple of years in NM. It was interesting to see your love for the place emerge, but I definitely remember that it was a long adjustment as you looked for community there. I will note, however, that at the time you never mentioned the traffic. Of course, in those days the SI 20-minute rule still obtained: no trip on the Island took longer than 20 minutes.

      • I was hoping that my handwriting would render my old letters illegible. 🙂

        I wasn’t the traffic on SI that got to me, it was the 2 hour commute each way from out by Prince’s Bay to midtown Manhattan that sent me back ti NM for good.

  4. Well, after spending 45 minutes in my car and only getting 10 minutes from my house in blinding snow this morning (only to have to turn back because Rt 78 is closed over the mountain), southern living is starting to sound a little more enticing!

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