Random observations on life in Montgomery so far

Some random observations on this, my fifth full day in Montgomery.

— I do not miss 30-degree weather.  January-that-feels-like-April is fine with me.

— One can adjust rapidly to a short commute. 

— I need to figure out how to get my morning dose of news.  The commute is too short for NPR.

— I like taking an elevator to my car in the garage after work.  It allows me to stay dry when it rains.

— Alabama thunderstorms will be very entertaining for Mr. NYer and very frightening for the cats.

— I eat faster than everyone.

— People are friendly and polite, and they seem to mean it.

— Shrimp and grits is like chicken parm in the northeast: on every menu.

— Within a matter of months I will know everyone in the city.

— I am afraid to go into Waffle House because I might return … over and over again.

— Alabama goat cheese is excellent.

— I will get used to being called “ma’am.”

— One can adjust rapidly to casual wear at the office.


8 Responses

  1. So glad you went to Waffle House. Did you bring your own syrup?

  2. WAFFLE HOUSE!!!!!!!! i want in!@

  3. So I take it we sent you off with way too many “office” outfits!
    Keep going to that Waffle House and you can send all those outfits to PA!

  4. … for the record, shrimp and grits is less like chicken parmigian and more like barbecue (which you will learn is a noun, not a verb).

    Everybody makes it, and everybody’s is the best you’ve ever had. Honestly, I can’t think of any place where I didn’t like the shrimp and grits.

    Glad to hear that your arrival and settlin’ in is going so well…

  5. I have to tell you in my 4 1/2 years of living in Atlanta, I never once stepped foot in a Waffle House. The thunderstorms are pretty impressive. Just wait until you have your first tornado warning! Best of luck to you in your new job and surroundings! Living in the south is wonderful and I do miss certain things. The crepe myrtles blooming in spring time is amazing!
    Deb (Skirde) Gleeson

  6. Yeah, January-that-feels-like-April is nice.

    It’s the March-through-October-that-feels-like-August that I will be glad to leave behind one of these days…

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