First Day on the Job

Who could sleep?  I certainly never was able to the night before school started (when I was a teacher — I don’t remember how I slept when I was IN school).  Last night I skidded through, moving to cooler parts of the bed, flipping around like a fish to get comfortable, and wondering just how a mattress could be this soft.

When I got up I marched into the second bedroom to test that bed’s mattress.  Less used; much firmer.  Lifted it tentatively, but knew there was no way I was going to single-handedly move two queen-sized mattresses from room to room.  Goal:  get someone to help with the Great Mattress Switch.

I got up and made coffee, carefully following Mr. NYer’s instructions.  I only began drinking coffee about ten years ago, and never really learned to make it.  Or make it as well as he does.  My scoops must not have been as rounded as his, because my watery brew did not stand up to his.  Tomorrow it will be stronger. 

Abandoned advised me last night to take a first-day-of-work picture, but you need someone’s help.  I couldn’t quite bring myself to do one of those armlength self-portraits.  I thought long and hard about what to wear.  My boss is adamantly casual, and has urged me to follow the flow.  My closet, however, is filled with dresses and skirts, and I like wearing them.  I wasn’t going to show up in a suit, but I just couldn’t do jeans.  So I chose a skirt that was soft rather than business-like, with a sweater and low heels and headed out.  As expected, during the day, many people told me I could dress more casually.  I will — when my good clothes wear out.

Drove downtown to the office, hoping I remembered the way the one-way streets ran, and that I could find the entrance to the garage. 

Last night, during dinner, my new boss gave me my schedule for the week.   It’s a full one, with initiations, meetings and briefings.

At this point in my long career, I’ve experience the first-day orientation a few times, twice at nationally known corporations.  I have never experienced a first day like this, or felt so anticipated.  It was great. 

Fed Ex delivered my HR paperwork well over a month ago, and I’d long since returned it all.  I walked in fully covered for health insurance, had the gym membership started, and direct deposit already arranged.  A new Mac was already powered up and on my desk.  I’d gotten my Blackberry early, on Sunday, so I could tether it to my computer and be connected at the apartment.  On my desk — a very clean and well-organized desk, were several binders filled with materials I would need.  Pens filled the holder, ample supplies stood ready to be used, and a brand new insulated coffee cup sat next to the Mac.  A nice big box of business cards — with my name spelled correctly — sat awaiting me, too.

The offices are open space, on a hill smack in the middle of downtown (and just a couple of blocks from the state capital building).  Mine is the corner facing north and east I think (I’ll need to check), with windows on both walls, and a view that ends in mountains to the north.  Lifelongnewyorker is really, really happy that there’s daylight.  Really happy.

I enjoyed the usual first day stuff: get the IT stuff done, and get fully set up; get the remaining HR orientation and review of benefits; meet colleagues and other department heads; spend some time with my team; get my ID (it’s a good picture!), my parking space and security briefing.  Learn what to do in the event we  have an active shooter in the building.  Meet with my boss and gets a few items to read before our 9 am meeting.

On the way back to the apartment I found the Fresh Market — the nearest thing Montgomery has to a Whole Foods/gourmet supermarket.  It had great looking meat, freshly made Italian sausage, good-looking but pricey produce (would anyone pay $9.98 for a tiny basket of raspberries?  Even in NY, I’m not so sure), a great wine selection (you can’t buy wine in supermarkets in NY), olive oil, ethnic specialities, including more types of pesto than anyone heard of 15 years ago, fresh flowers, and good-looking bread.  I grabbed some items for tonight’s dinner, and for Thursday’s too. 

Tomorrow I’ve been invited to a dinner party at the home of Ms. Atlantic City, where I will meet some more ex-pats.  I picked up some chocolate to bring.

Back at the apartment, I got out of the car and looked at the sky.  For the second night in a row, I could see stars, more than you can ever see in New York’s floodlit sky.


8 Responses

  1. Glad to hear you have Fresh Market. We have one too. Though they are a little pricey, it should fill in some of those missing food gaps. They have good pies!

  2. Hahahaha.. what a breath of fresh air!!!! I’ll have to tell you about scrambling to get your files so that your old Mac could be used for someone who started last week!

  3. Every decent southern owns a gun so no worries.

  4. Hope you enjoyed dinner last night as much as I did. Many more to come, so no worries about lonely nights before Mr. NYer arrives. And, you’ll have to come to Michael’s Table & sit at the bar, hang with us and have some dinner.

  5. Ah,see? They are even smart enough to use Macs down there! That and Fresh Foods.. What. more could you ask for? Truffles?

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