Landed in Montgomery

We arrived in Montgomery yesterday shortly after noon, in moderately heavy rain.  

As we were checking into the apartment, Soon-to-be-Abandoned (or maybe he’s offically abandoned now) called to say the dishwasher was not working.  About this time, the leasing agent was filling me in on the pest control schedule.  My heart began to sink.

I don’t have an Internet connection in the apartment yet; I’m posting from Starbucks.  So this will be a short post. 

At some point in an early post I observed that I wasn’t feeling particularly worried or emotional about the move, but suspected at some point I’d feel like I was hit by an anvil.  The anvil has struck.  As I contemplated the lovely but impersonal apartment and realized that Mr. NYer would be leaving me there by myself soon, I panicked.  All I could think was that I wanted to go home, and the next thought of course, is that I’m selling my home. 

I miss my son, my cats, my house and my familiar life right now. 

Some deep breathing and lots of talking have helped.  I was also reassured by the presence of artichokes at the Winn-Dixie.  But I feel a bit untethered and hope that getting to work on Tuesday will help. 

And I miss my friends.


8 Responses

  1. Just a phone call away..whatever the hour!

  2. ..well…this makes sense, Maureen…kind of iike giving birth and after the wonder of the moment settles in…you have a baby… a gig that doesn’t go away.

    My oddball advice ( and since you know me, you’re aware that I’m not a crystals- and-chants person) is to smile.

    Seriously, I learned his from my great friend, Ted Corbitt ( look him up..he is famous as an ultramarathoner, Olympian, physical therapist and fit president of the NY Road Runners..also devised the NYC marathon)

    When you smile, you are stronger in all can fool your body into feeling better and you can confuse, diffuse enemies. Be nice to someone for no apparent reason.

    …and don’t don’t have to STAY like that. Just an experiment.

  3. Hang in there. I know I would feel exactly the same way if I were in your shoes. Right now YOU are the one who is Soon-to-be-Abandoned, which is always a bummer. But as you can see from the comments on your blog, all of us are envying your adventurousness and living it vicariously. I’m sure it will be good medicine to get to work on Tuesday. What are you going to do tomorrow? I’ll be thinking about you and cheering you on.

  4. Remember that the Acme anvil isn’t really going to squash you! I’m also a phone call away (especially if you want to talk about the Dynamo).
    When I made a big career move 15 years ago(!!!), you made me feel very welcomed and comfortable on my first day. I’m sure that your colleagues will do the same for you to smooth your way.
    Good luck, Maureen

  5. Thank you all for the advice and encouragement. It means a lot!!!

  6. One of my favorite quotes, which was probably more pertinent towards the beginning of your journey (in the metaphysical sense):

    “All important decisions must be made on the basis of insufficient information.” Now if I could just remember who wrote it.

    • Sounds like a military strategist, but I suspect it’s not. Here’s one I like, from Kenneth Burke: “If decisions were a choice between alternatives, decisions would come easy. Decision is the selection and formulation of alternatives.”

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