Alabama Songs

On Facebook, I announced my upcoming move by posting a YouTube clip of Leadbelly singing “Alabama Bound.”  It seemed so apt.  Mr. NYer pushed for Brecht’s “Alabama Song,” but I’ve never actually seen the moon over Alabama yet. It occurs to me, though, that Alabama has inspired a lot of songs.  Not as many, perhaps as California or Texas, but a good number.  Here are one’s I can think of off the top of my head.  

Anyone have more?

Alabama Bound — Leadbelly

Sweet Home Alabama — Lynyrd Skynyrd

Alabama Song — Brecht

Stars Fell on Alabama — Billie Holliday

Alabama — Neil Young

Alabama Getaway — Grateful Dead

And one more question:  Why are the blues associated with Mississippi and not Alabama?


4 Responses

  1. Didn’t the Doors have one?

  2. Bonnie Raitt has “Angel from Montgomery” (

    This has the makings of a good mix tape/cd. If you did a biological chronicle, you could start off with NYC songs, and then move into the Alabama ones.

    • this is actually a great idea (despite the fact that I spend most of my drving time searching for the local NPR station). A ‘real-time’ mix tape (yeah, CD, I know) that chronicles the drive itself. You need a stack of AAA maps, a ruler and mph calculator, and then access to a good music reference guide (we have one on our shelf here at home, ’cause my wife’s a librarian). This might even qualify as a business plan. I can see them now – cover art with highway signs – “24 Hours – Maine to Miami”, “36 Hours – Big Apple to Big Sky”, … (all rights reserved)

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